In case of general it is an open invitation to all whereby a small advertisement appears in the local daily news paper managed by the organization. The Paath lasts for a minimum 2 hours. The host is not supposed to treat this general public by even a glass of water. Only a sitting arrangement is to be made. A prior booking is to be done at our Baroda Office (Gujarat) for the available date. On the due date our team which includes musicians, singers, and Sevaks shall reach 1 hour prior to the schedule time along with the books and Shri Hanumanji Seva and other paraphernalia. The path starts with an Aahvan than Shree Hanuman Mantra and chanting of holy names of Shree Hanumanji and there after path followed by chalisa, bhanjan, aarti and Bidai. The host is suppose to make following arrangement.

A stage of at least 18' [feet] by15' [feet] with a height of not more than 4 feet.

Sufficient place to accommodate at least 300-500people.

Necessary halogen bulbs around 10 amongst 300 people sufficient enough to read.

A 3 seated sitting arrangement like sofa on which the Dada's seva rests.

200 ml of kesar elaichi milk and 200ml water for Dada (Hanumanji).

A point for mike system as well as keyboard.

Sitting mattresses.

A Diya of ghee which can last for 2 hrs.

Wherever we will not be in position to supply or bring our mike system than a very proficient sound system is to be arrange with four columns, two monitors 8 mikes.

Prasadam can be any viz. bundi, sukhdi, sing-sakaria, etc.

Aarti to be ready.

Minimum 7 garlands for seva including one of rose. A garland to felicitate Shri Dhavalkumar to be different based on how many persons would like to felicitate.

Flowers/Petals or pandadi of atleast 7 kilos to be sprinkled during 2 verses of Sunderkand.


In many cases, an industrialist wants to perform Sunderkand at his factory or at his bungalow in presence of his invitees. For such case we do undertake private paths. In case of private Sunderkand Paath, the same process is to be adhered to. The only thing is that an advertisement do not appear and the performance is done in front of the invitees so all other arrangement is based on the people expected. However our team consisting of minimum 12 persons shall come.

List of preparation to be done prior to the Sunderkand path