Suman Vrusti


Suman means Flowers and Vrusti means Showering. Suman Vrusti means 'Showering of Flowers'.
Its reason and meaning in Sunderkand. In Sunderkand there is mention of 2 such occurrence viz in Doha number 34 and Doha number 48.

In Doha no. 34

After Shri Hanumanji narrates his visit to Lanka where He met Sitaji and also done a Lanka Dahan, He went on narrating the pitiable situation of Sitaji.Hearing this Ramji got moved and Hanumanji requested Ramji not to waste a single minute and start a March towards Lanka. On the commencement of the March the Devtas in heaven were happy and showers flowers from the sky as a mark of blessings.

In Doha no. 48

Vibhisan, the brother of Ravan surrenders to Rama and Rama in return assures total shelter and support and also undertakes a 'Rajtilak' (a ceremony normally done on occupying the throne), for taking up the throne of 'Lanka' after defeating Ravana. On this occasion also the Devtas were happy as their purpose was being met by Rama and they showered flowers as a part of blessings.

During Hanuman Chalisa

We do a Pothi Suman Vrusti during Chalisa Recitation. As Sunderkand is the chapter of our Holy book Ramayan, respecting the Holy 'Granth is respecting the Rama, Hanuman and also the author of the book Shri Tulsidasji Maharaj.

Only at SKSS

We at Shree Kastbhanjandev Satsang Samuh really feel ecstatic during these verses and as a part of involving the satsangis do a 'LIVE SUMAN VRUSTI'. This is one of unique feature undertaken by us during the live Sunderkand that we do at the host premises. Even in our CD the same is being depicted.

The science and the spirituality behind this

As is known to everybody that whosoever and wherever a Sunderkand is being undertaken in a group, Lord Hanumanji does visit . At the same time it is known to everybody that the verses of Sunderkand are the Mantras and Mantras are having positive charges imbibed in it something similar to today's 'Chip' or 'Programmed' language which gets activated upon certain operations. Sunderkand verses get activated upon recitation creating a phonetic aura. This aura has charges which are positive affecting it positively in the minds of receiter by crushing the negative charges created by the ongoing thoughts in the brain of Sadhanks.

Spiritually it is a respect being given to HIM as one would do it even to any worldly visitor (all sadhak are the Athithi for the host and are reciting Sunderkand for host's benefit) One of our Sadhak does this in front of Dada's Photo also whereas other sadhak spreads across the seated sadhaks.

Scientifically it is a percolation of the positive vibration created in that area through the flowers as flowers are good conductor of electricity. The sadhak on whom this falls feel very soothing.


There is notion created by many that this is wastage of money and flower. We would not like to highlight the fate of the garlands that are there in various temples and even during marriages, however we are sure to say that the flower after falling on the sadhak the charges are delivered to one of a living being soliciting a solace. Now flower petals are no more a flower but a dead entity which normally happens to all flowers. However these flower petals are being put to a better use. We do not insist for a particular type of flower petals and the quantity we may ask may not cross a 10 kgs. Hence we strongly believe that in order to have a full mileage of hosting the SUNDERKAND, one should insist for SUMAN VRUSTI.