Contribution of Mr. Shailesh Thakkar on propogation of Sunderkand

Qualifying Qualities of Mr.Shailesh Thakkar

For Sunderknd-RamCharit manas. Mentor, Coach, and Guide, Reciter, Researcher and contributor Promoter, Marketer and Propagandist. Team Builder, Motivator Leader and Healer.


Background of Mr. Shailesh Thakkar:

Mr. Shailesh Thakkar , MBA, 55 years of old is a professional having worked in industry and remained Vice President and also contributed in the education department of Gujarat as a Joint CEO having worked with Ex CM Shree Narendra Modi.
Passionately and professionally he is a Soft Skill Trainer, Mentor, Groomer and a coach. He loves guiding young people for career options and go out of way in supporting them. Spirituality always attracted him being a lover of occult sciences. Historically a strong follower of Swaminaryan sect and also Shree Hanumanji. Certain incidences in life in 2002-2003 converted him to seek enlightenment from Hanumanji ‘s Stutis and Sunderkand in particular. Since then there has been no going back and now aims to create a Dhyan Centre across the world on line with Hanumanji’s character and help masses to spread the seeking for peace and serenity from Hanumanji. This is his single mission of life.

How he entered the mission of seeking enlightenment from Shree Hanumanji/Sunderkand

Salangpur is a place located about 145 kms from Ahmedabad, on a way to Bhavnagar. There is a famous Hanumanji (Kastbhanjandev) temple where people throng in to get free from the black magic. The temple was built by a saint Shree Gopaland swamy , a disciple of Lord Shree Swaminarayna. Due to some problem in life during that period (2002-2003), Mr. Thakkar vowed to visit once a month. In the month of October 2002, he recited “Hanuman Chalisa” 11 times sitting in front of Baba and requested to solve his worldly problem. He reached his home and the moment he entered his house one of his brother’s friend invited him to a “Sunderkand” (which he was not aware) recitation. During recitation he started getting positive signals and at the end he got mental peace and courage to fight the odds. He also booked “Sunderkand” at his residence which he got the date of 6 months later. In between he decided to read Sunderkand daily for 21 days and at the entire time requested lord Hanumanji to solve the problem. To his positive surprise all problems vanished and on the day of the event at his place he was very happy. That day onward he decided to join that group and support whatever way he can. Sunderkand was in those days not popular in Ahmedabad and the reciter named Ashwin Pathak was trying hard to propagate. Mr. Shailesh Thakkar decided to support the mission and thereby his own self as per his mite. One morning during meditation he got a divine guidance and also a sort of a scolding saying “if you do not have money than who wants it but you are educated, intelligent and is having own network, you just start going daily for Sunderkand and make this Sunderkand movement across Gujarat and then Global” This was the ultimate and Mr. Thakkar started contributing which is being narrated in a brief as under.

Enhancing the reach

In order that more and more people are made aware of “Sunderkand” a typical concept of networking was adopted. As those days (2003-2004), there were very few recieter who would undertake door to door or public recitation as the public recitation was physically difficult. Further it involved cost and very few were ready to pay to meet the cost as “Sunderkand” was unheard. So Mr. Thakkar adopted following:
a) On the day of Recitation at his residence, he invited some of his closest friend who would obey his instructions. At the end of Sunderkand Mr. Thakkar prompted his friends to book Sundekand at their places.
b) He prompted people to buy cassettes and prompted one friend to keep stocks at his office – a prime locality and sell cassettes on no loss no profit basis. His name got printed in Sunderkand book.
c) Mr. Thakkar purchased books/cassettes as per his financial capacity and gave free of cost to the one who enquire and show interest.
d) He used to take cassette with him especially on the occasion of deaths or death anniversary and play it in front of the masses.
e) He requested his own brother in law Mr. Manasvi Thakkar staying at Baroda to take up the sale of CD and also convince people for Sunderkand booking.Mr. Manasvi Thakkar also started working on the basis of giving book and cassette free of cost as per his financial ability.
This worked very well and resultantly: Mr. Manasvi Thakkar was appointed a representative for booking, promoting and propagating Sunderkand at Baroda.Mr. Thakkar use to regularly visit Baroda for Sunderkand and under his guidance the mission got blossomed.
Formation of team: A team of likeminded Hanuman follower was formed.

Development of Cassette/CD Sunderkand path

Although the team was formed, the awareness was developed but the recitation was a problem. Those days there were few recieter and our recieter wasgetting booked for the year. So Mr. Thakkar developed a concept of “CASSETTE PAATH”. As per this, the team accumulated some fund and purchased:
1) A CD/DVD player
2) A sound system.
3) Books of Sunderkand as a stock.
4) Dipak, ghee, prasdam.
5) SEVA having Hanumanji and Ram Darbar photo.

The team would undertake “Sunderkand Recitation” at the Host‘s premises by playing it on CD. The condition was it was Free of Cost but the host will have to call the neighbors, sit in front of Hanumanji and read Sunderkand while it is being played on the DVD player. To make it more effective Mr. Thakkar introduced a system of keeping mum during the first verse of Sunderkand and speak loud during the second verse ( Mr. Thakkar started recitation). As a result there was tremendous involvement and people started getting the effect of mental peace. At the end of Sunderkand Paath Mr. Thakkar would explain one Doha in Gujarati, its meaning and benefits.
Resultantly more and more CD path started booking in and around Baroda.

Arranging Sunderkand path at Salangpur

Mr. Thakkar always dreamt of undertaking path in front of Salangpur Baba, so on the occasion of his father’s 25th death anniversary, he planned a Sunderkand Paath (Reciter Ashwin Paathak)at Salangpur taking about 800 satsangis from Baroda, Ahmedbad and Mumbai all sponsored by him.
Resultantly more and more bookings came surprisingly from Mumbai also.

Promoting more and more reciters

It was in the year 2005 when one fine morning during meditation Mr. Thakkar got a signal to do something to increase the number of recieter or start recitation on his own. As Mr. Thakkar was already employed involving the trip outside city, hence it was ruled out. He thought of promoting someone. Mr. Dhavalkumar Chudsama who was playing Tabla with recieter Ashwin Pathak, was very young and wanted to make a career in Sunderkand whereby he can meet financial needs of the family. He was studying in 10th standard and was not interested in studying further. He hailed from a very low income family –father having a roadside cart of ‘Dhokla’.
Mr. Thakkar motivated him first for studying further and helped him in all aspects. (Later Dhaval went on to complete BA (Sanskrit) with First class, MA gold medalist and M.Phil first class with 24x7 support from Mr. Thakkar). Later they decided to commence Sunderkand Recitation at nominal cost + basis to empower Dhaval financially. The team of Baroda joined and group blossomed and Gujarat had one more recieter.

Resultantly we grew to such an extent that we converted our group into a CHARITBLE TRUST in the year 2010. Further now there are about 15 Sunderkand Reciters in Ahmedbad and 20 in Baroda who undertake Sunderkand Recitation in public.

Dhaval Kumar
Many First by Mr. Thakkar/Trust

Mr. Thakkar undertook a study and came out with a startling conclusion on SUNDERKAND “SUNDERKAND IS A SCIENCE –A PHONETIC SCIENCE” He started giving presentation in general public and already uploaded on YOU TUBE as Scientific Presentation of Sunderkand by Prof Shailesh Thakkar”. He gave presentation in corporate, Colleges etc.
Resultantly young generation and also businessmen started booking and practicing SUNDERKAND


Mr. Thakkar propagated of Amas being the finest day for doing Aradhana and if Sunderkand is done on Amas it yield maximum benefit and fulfills your wishes as this is the best Aradhana .Full Moon day is also one of the finest day. He and his team would wear black clothes on No moon day and recite Sunderkand in public.
Resultantly young generation and also businessmen started booking and practicing SUNDERKAND.


Mr. Thakkar helped remove superstition of Cemetery of housing ghost. Although it was met with lot of resistance, finally it was highly successful when we did Sunderkand in presence of 7”Agni dah “ ,and a presence of 1500 satsangis (50% ladies).Mr. Thakkar also propagated that hence forth if you come to cemetery for funeral come with a Sunderkand book. Recite Sunderkand. This will not only fasten the “Atma” journey toward “param atma” but also make that Atma pious as Sunderkand has positive vibrations-energy helping the “Atma”-energy to move fast in space.
Resultantly more and more Reciters are doing Sunderkand at cemetery.


Mr. Thakkar also propagated that reciting Sunderkand on the bank of river in early morning yield maximum benefit; hence we planned out doing Sunderkand at 5 AM on the bank of river Mahi. The response was tremendous where about 800 satsangis participated.
Resultantly more demand have been pouring for doing Sunderkand on the bank of river Narmada and also Ganaga, by self-getting half submerged in the water.


During 2004-2006, there were some reciters developed as an “ART OF SINGING” rather than a spiritual inclination. While everything is a welcome development, the masses did not know the meaning of the verses as it was in a Avadhi language.Mr. Thakkar decided to work out the translation of the verses by referring some books, meeting saints and developed own Granth titled SUNDERKAND MAHATMAY. Luckily we got the sponsorer and a one day SUNDERKAND MAHATMAY and later a 3 day SUNDERKAND KATHA was organized (with a vyaspith of Dhaval)Resultantly, now you will find 50 % of the satsangis reciting Sunderkand without book and many knowing its meaning and enjoying with closed eyes.


Havan is one of the most effective ways of yielding benefit of any Aradhan. Mr. Thakkar introduced concept of “Sunderkand Havan “in public that too as per individual’s problems.


With lot of material ready some based on own research and some gathered through referring granths, Mr. Thakkar decided to host a website , the material totally drafted by him. The idea was to look at the future and also the mission, for which adopting technology becomes a mandatory requirement. Further he always wanted young one to get attracted toward Sunderakand who can only be drawn by science and technology and not mere spirituality.
Resultantly lot of interaction is taking place with an anxious Hanuman Devotee and the trustees on many matters.


While the reciters themselves might be feeling threaten by new comers in the field of Sunderkand Recitation, Mr. Thakkar is one of the happiest person on earth having contributed to the call of SHREE HANUMANJI. However he does not forget his duty towards them hence he planned out a SUNDERKAND GYANGOSTHI in the year 2012 with sole aim of having harmony and exchange of spiritual knowledge on SUNDERKAND. 19 Reciters participated and it was a grand function. The vision is to have a SUNDRKAND KUTUMB where Mr. Tha kkar would like to be mentor, big brother and the Trust as a fatherly organization.
Resultantly, Sunderkand Reciters do not hesitate in moving in each other function. Further when Katiyani channel wanted Sunderkand Recieter for their 108 Sunderkand Abhiyaan ,we not only provided but also coordinated.


Mr. Thakkar always wanted to share whatever little he has on “SUNDERKAND”. To get article published in daily is difficult hence he floated an idea of having a bimonthly “Hanumat Dhara” where he Dhavalkumar and many other writers, writes and the editing work is of Dhavalkumar.
Resultantly, there have been many more writers and all recieter feel of getting a platform for sharing views on SUNDERKAND.


Knowing Sunderkand having tremendous power, Mr. Thakkar thought of helping industry understand the mystical power and help perform better. Examples of having Sunderkand in a Japanese firm “Hitachi” and also a Comed Chemical are few such examples. Mr. Thakkar does power point presentation on..
1) Team Building through Sunderkand
2) Enhance Productivity through Sunderkand
3) Remove roadblocks through Sunderkand
4) Withstand Pressure through Sunderkand
The vision is to take the same to college students also to Schools.


Developing CD/DVD/Blue ray is of course a mandatory need, however Mr. Thakkar thought of unique thing known as a “Memory Card” which can be fitted to mobile and if a person is travelling he can complete Sunderkand Shravanam especially he is not getting time kto sit in front of Baba.Similarly a brochure highlighting the activity is one of unique ideas. For those NRI s who are not well versed with Hindi or even Gujarat, he came out with an idea of having a book in English Sunderkand.


In the year 2012 we planned out a trip to Australia (Sydney) and join Ram Mandir’s abhiyaan of doing 108 SUNDERKAND. Mr. Thakkar could make NRIs moved by giving presentation on “The power of Mantras” especially chopais of Sunderkand. The best part was the presence of young couples who thronged in huge numbers. We could also do Sunderkand Havan in groups.


Mr. Thakkar motivated all for undertaking AKHAN RAMCHARITMANAS .Due support of media and our propaganda we could get 70 participants for AKHAND RAMCHARITMANS which took 24 hours.
Bhajan is one of the media through which propagation can be done. Mr. Thakkar always dreamt of having Bhajan Sandhya in a very organized manner. We could do RAM AND HANUMAN bhajan Sandhya at Ganghinagar Gruh hall with a fullest capacity.
Hanuman Chalisa Mahima and Hanuman Charit are the next activity for the promotion in the coming years. RAMKATHA is always an ultimate activity on a way of propagation. We could to first RamKatha in the year 2013.

Removing misinterpretation of Chopois of Sunderkand

When some of the recieter tried to twist the interpretation of some chopais especially “DHOL GANVAR…… Mr. Thakkar approached Dwardish Sankrcharya and sought real interpretation to remove wrong spread of Tulsidas Ramcharitmanas.