Scientific Presentation on Sunderkand


The main aim of SKSS is to do a research on the Hindu Mantras and spread it in the society. Since the month of April 2009, we have started presentation of the "Power of Sunderkand" – Scientifically, in order to give a very different angle of Sunderkand Recitation.


This includes a diagrammatic presentation on the effect of Chopais on the internal parts of the body as well as the external. This includes how singing of the chopai helps change the "Chakras" lying inside the body and the "Aura" surrounding the body. It shows the real life presentation of the frequency of the waves of the sound produced by singing chopais.


This is with the help of LCD projector and a screen. People desirous of having this presentation at their door steps or at the college/school or at temple premises should arrange for the above equipments. In and around Baroda the same can be arranged by us at cost basis. The presentation is followed by live interactive discussion on the queries or the real life cases.