More in Activities


This is a minimum 20 hr program akin to KATHA to be done with the desired breaks of days. This includes explanation, translation of Sunderkand as well as the benefit lying in many verses. It is accompanied by melodious Bhajans and lot many examples. It can be done 7 hours for three days or 4 hrs for 5 days. On special request it can be done in 2 days also. It can be arranged in an open ground preferably the premises of temple or any hall. If it is in an open ground then the host has to arrange for a pandal. The host has to manage for promotional aspects and also for lodging and boarding of Shri Dhavalkumar and his team (10 persons) and also for transportation. The stage to be minimum of 20 feet by 18 feet with a height of 4-6 feet. This would be at the vyaspith of Shri Dhaval kumar. The language will be Gujarati. Similarly on request the translation can be done in English, in which case the vyaspith would be shared by Shri Shailesh Thakkar.

Bhajan Sandhya

This includes a diagrammatic presentation on the effect of Chopais on the internal parts of the body as well as the external. This includes how singing of the chopai helps change the "Chakras" lying inside the body and the "Aura" surrounding the body. It shows the real life presentation of the frequency of the waves of the sound produced by singing chopais.

Hanuman Chalisa

A musical Hanuman Chaisa sung by Shri Dhavalkumar in different Ragas (A maximum of 11 Ragas) along with chanting of Hanuman Mantra for 108 times.
Hanuman Chalisa Havan for 108 times by shri Dhaval kumar and the host.

Live Shiv Aaradhana (Musical)

Shiva Aaradhan consisting of Shiva Tandav, Shiv Mahimn, Shiv Stotra, shiv Dhoon and Shiv Stuti and Shiv Aarti. This can be done at the host premises in open or in hall.
A stage of 20 feet by 15 feet with height not more than 4feet along with the sound system is to be arranged by the host. The samuh will come with the singers .and orchestra. The voice will be of Shri Dhavalkumr.

Smarananjali Bhajans

It is a 2 hour function on the occasion of death of family member of the host which is to be done by singing related Bhajans in the voice of Shree Dhavalkumar. This can be done anywhere either in the hall or on the premises of the host residence.

Interaction for problem solving

An interaction with Shri Dhaval kumar and his group on getting the verses for solving the specific individual problems can be arranged with prior notice. Generally Sundays are preferable.


A series of spiritual lectures on various topics for motivation and for confidence building as well as on the applicability of Vedic morals can be arranged. Starting from 2hrs a day it can be for 10 hour sessions for 3 days. The speaker in Gujarati will be Mr. Dhaval kumar and in English it will be Mr. Shailesh Thakkar. It can be conducted either in a hall or an open space or even at the host's residential premises. The requirement would be of sound system.