Shree Kastbhanjandev Satsang Charitable Trust

Sunderkand has been one of the pious prayers of Kalyug. This is not only pious but also generating positive results in terms of fulfilling the wishes of the worldly people. It is said that it is the effect of the yug that plays important role. The same prayer in other yug would have not yielded so speedy a result as is in this yug. It is because of this reason that SHREE HANUMANJI has been considered the God of Kalyuga and the prayers to HIM is listened very promptly.

The trustees of our trust have understood the power of SUNDERKAND and have themselves one time or the other felt the invisible power working in their life after taking up the recitation of SUNDERKAND. It is because of this reason they thought to spread the power of HANUMANJI through SUNDERKAND and percolate mental peace and growth in the society.

Starting with a small beginning of five to seven people in the year 2005, going street to street, nook and corner of the cities of Gujarat and undertaking recitation at the house of people, the revolution took shape in the year 2010 by forming a Trust with the sole aim of percolating the science behind the Sunderkand and also deliver mental peace across people of world at large. The trust comprises of five trustees all are ardent followers of lord Hanumanji and is registered at Baroda which is called the cultural hub of Baroda. The people here are very pious, spiritual and God loving. Soon with their help this small revolution has become a movement and trust is now making presence felt across Globe


To propagate the Indian culture as an advance science and percolate the benifits inbuilt in various mythological stutis especially Hanumanji's to every nook and corner of the world.


Shree Kastbhanjandev Satang Charitable Trust (SKSCT) to be the pioneer in giving the scientific approach rather than a typical religious belief of the Indian Gods and develop such centre all over the world where individuals can come to centre, get the solution of the problems and get mental peace.

  • To do a very deep research on all the Stutis and Mantras of Shree Hanumanji and to remove the superstitious belief of the society at large.

  • To involve learned persons and corporate people in the movement, accrue them the benefit and solicit their support world wide.

power of sunderkand
Creates Positive Energy
The verses are siddh by the ancient saints. Hence the thoughts which normally are negative gets destroyed under this power of mantra and a zero level of thought process is attained and we feel lightened.
power of sunderkand
Sunderkand Havan
The Vedas have given tremendous importance to Havan of any kind. The Havans produce lot of positive energy not only in the Sadhak's mind and body but also in the surroundings.
power of sunderkand
Power of It

There are many such verses of Sunderkand by which one can get the benefit in solving the worldly problems…