Sunderkand Havan

Pragatikarak Havan

This havan is performed when the sadhak has a problem in job, either not getting the job or not getting promotions or increment. This havan is done with specific mantra (samput) at each and every beginning of Dohas of Sunderkand. The havan is to commence 24 minutes before sunset on Tuesdays. The diya is to be made of a 'kuccha suter' (cotton string) which should be equivalent to the height of the sadhak. After measuring the height of the sadhak by 'kuccha Sutter' five fold of this string is to be made. This is then immersed in the black til oil. This is to be kept in a Diya made of mix atta of wheat, rice, udad, til and mung. A Prasadam of 11 'besan laddu' is must. (Details available on request)

Prernatmak Havan

This havan is done when the sadhak feels presence of evil spirit in his body or in his house or in the area. This havan can be done only on Saturday during the dusks, preferably around 7pm. The process is the same as above however the diya is a normal one and not to be kept in atta. A Prasad of 'sukhadi' i.e. sweet made from wheat flour is recommended.

Khushatmak Havan

This havan is done as a part of celebrations like the birthdays or marriage anniversary or on fulfillment of the wish or good occasion. The important part of this Havan is it serves the purpose of a Vastu Pujan. In a new house or in a renovated house an occupant can go for dwelling after doing Khuashatmak Havan. This can be done at any time preferably either in the mornings or in the evenings. Sadhak has to perform the same way as above and there is no restriction of the type of Prasad or the type of diya. A Prasad of 'bundi laddu' is recommended.
(Details available on request)

Siddh Havan

The process of this havan is the same as mentioned in Pragatikarak Havan. However this is to be done continuously for 11 Tuesdays and that too at not one place but at 11 different places or houses to get the power of Havan. This is normally to be done by a saint or a preachers or an individual who wants to procure a hidden power of Sunderkand for the benefit of the society and not for an individual or self gain.