Sunderkand Gyanghostee


Shree Kastbhanjandev Satsang Charitable Trust organized a one day interaction of all leading Sunderkand reciters of Gujarat.



1. To exchange the knowledge of Sunderkand and Hanumanji in front of the satsagis with an aim of further spreading of Sunderkand in Gujarat and becoming instrument in spreading.


2. To know each other as a "Doot of Hanumanji" and generate a brotherly feeling.


3. To be of help to each other in the Sunderkand Journey, with a soul aim of empowering the society with the power of Hanumanji.


4. To have a cordial affection so as to participate in each other's progress.


5. To treat each and every new recite as an angel of Hanumanji and shower him with all support rather than demeaning him as a smaller being. There is no small recite or big recite.



In order to galvanize the support a letter was written to all reciter in the month of July 2013. Nobody was pleaded or over requested. The 19 reciter responded on their own and on the final one could not make it up. Mentioned hereunder is the small write-up of all reciters who were present there.



A) Following dignitaries were Present:


1. Harshad Bapa, a noted Gayatri upasak and astrologer.


2. Rajni Maharaj of Kuber-Bhandari temple, karnali.


3. Swamishri K.K. Shashtri of Swaminarayan Temple, wadi, Baroda.


4. Swamishri Vishnu Swami of Shri Swaminarayan temple, wadi, Baroda.


5. Mr. Tejas Raval, a noted mantric and astrologer of Ahmedabad.


6. Bapji Shri Praveen Maharaj of Hathila Hanuman Temple, Baroda.


B) The entry was free but with a pass. The ticket window which was opened at 3.00 PM was closed by 5.00 PM and many satsangis were without ticket as the hall capacity is of 1000 seats only.


C) The programme which started sharp at 8.30 PM was "forced" to close at 1.00 AM as all were interested and no "break" was given.


D) The programme ended with the cutting of cake to mark the birthday of Shre Dhvalkumar in whose honor this programme was organized.



List of the Vaktas on the day of SUNDERKAND GYANGOSTEE (10.12.13)



Ankit Pandya
He is a young Vakta from Baroda. He spoke of his experience through Sunderkand.



Atulbhai Purohit
The famous Garba Singer from Baroda spoke on how he entered into Sunderkand and how Sunderkand has helped him leave certain vices.



The reciter from Ahmedabad was very vocal on his involvement with sunderkand.



Bharatbhai Danidharia
The recite from Ahmedabad gave startling example how Sunderkand could change the life of few people.



Darshan Bhatt
One of the youngest recite, presented his love for Sunderkand by singing few chopais.



The main recite of the trust highlighted the contribution of the trustees in his making and also thanked each one of the reciters for making the show a success.



Dushyantbhai Pathak (Bapaji)
The kathakar from Halol was very vocal and highlighted his contribution in spreading sunderkand not only in vaishnav samaj but also in muslims areas.He also highlighted that nobody can do sunderkand without money that is" Nih shulk "and so no one should misguide society.



Hardik Joshi
One of the youngest recite from Baroda was very optimistic and displaed the hardship he encountered in the journey of Sunderkand. However he was very confident in meeting the societal goals.



Jagdishbhai Lahoti
He sang few chopais to highlight the effect of Sunderkand – A recite from Chhani Baroda.



A recite from Karjan highlighted the effect of Hanuman Challisa on the prisoners.



Nandkishor Shastri
The pioneer of Sunderkand in Gujarat from Ahmedabad was very frank. He completed 25 years of Sunderkand recitation and also highlighted that many recite had come to him for learning and than making a public recitation. Notably being Mr. Ashwin Pathak.



Pankajbhai Trivedi
A bhavuk recite from Ahmedabad highlighted the contribution of the family members in Sunderkand. Knowing Dhavalkumar since his childhood gave a lot of appreciation for him.



Priteshbhai Patel
The recite from Baroda highlighted some positive incidences that happened in life because of Sunderkand.



Rohitgiri Goswami
The recite of Harni Temple Baroda,highlighted explanation of few verses of Sunderkand to highlight thee effect of Sunderkand in people life.



Samirbhai Kaka
The recite from Ahmedabad gave a detailed narration of his experience and also by singing some verses.



Samirbhai Mehta
The bank Manager cum recite from Ahmedabad was précised in thanking lord Hanuman and also the trust for the show.



Santoshbhai Dave (Santosh Maharaj)
A priest of Bhid Bhanjan Hanuman temple of Baroda, showed his pleasure by singing one good bhajan of Shiva- "Nagar me Jogi Aaya'.


Sapan Brahmbhatt
One of the youngest recite from Baroda was upset on giving 2 minutes as the sunderkand Mahima cannot be narrated in 2 minutes and so he went frenzy and took the keyboard in his hand and with great joy and vigor sang "Shiv Tandav".