We the 'First'

We at SKSS strongly believe that it is His directive in appointing us as an instrument in spreading Sunderkand as a new dimension. We could not have achieved following unique tasks without His blessings, which we call it "Bhagwat Kripa".

The concept of "Cassette Path" where group of individuals can do Sunderkand recitation in absence of the recieter and still get feel of 'Live Sunderkand Path'.

A scientific research and approach on Sunderkand, the 1st organisation having taken this approach and spreading the same by underking Live presentation on LCD projecter.

The 1st organisation to do Sunderkand recitation at crematorium in public.

The 1st organisation to do Sunderkand on the bank of river (in boat) in public.

The 1st organisation to take Sunderkand Havan to masses.

The only organisation to do Sunderkand in college premises.

Having done an exclusive 'Sunderkand Katha' for 5 days.

The 1st organisation to spread the importance of doing Sunderkand in "Bhram Mahurat" (early morning) in public.

The 1st organisation engaged in spreading the importance if Sunderkand on 'Amavasya' and 'Poonam'.

Having undertaken "Live Shiv Aaradhana".