Dhol Ganvar

A section of Sunderkand Receiter propagates a wrong interpretation of a following verse appearing in Doha no 58. Some have even dared to change the second line of the verse by 'yeh lalan k adhikari'


Tadna herein has been interpreted by some receiter as 'Beating' or Hitting to women and they take the name of His Holiness Shri Tulsidasji as having written as per the context of that 'Yug' .They garner sympathy of the women by daring to change this verse as mentioned above. In the process the receiter becomes a hit amongst the female members of the society, however in the process they do following harm:

Creating a super misunderstanding and low opinion of the saints and also of the writing and scripture of our pious and evergreen Hindu scriptures.

Changing the basis of the of our Dharma on which our society is based without any proven authority or expertise of the language which is highly acclaimed by all saintly and learned people.

It has been a mission of our organization to protect such attack on Hindu scriptures and we have been promoting one basic principle:

You can have your interpretation as per you knowledge, thinking and even as per the yug of course with a deeper logic.

You cannot change the word or any words or a sentence of the scriptures written by the ever valued saints of our culture.

With that angle we interacted with the ultimate authority of Hindu sect Dwarkadhish His Holiness Shri Sadanand Saraswatiji Maharaj during his Bhagwat Katha at Baroda in the month of August 2011 (photographs in Gallery) and during the Sunderkand arrange in the Ramayana Katha at His Vyaspith. His Holiness gave us the real interpretation with an order to help society to remove such misunderstandings created by such people WE ARE DOING THIS BASED ON THE LETTER GIVEN TO US as per copy of letter kept in the Photo gallery titled as 'Letter from Sankracharya'.