Australia 2013

Our Trust got an opportunity of propagating SUNDERKAND overseas at Sydney in the year 2013
Sponsor: Sri Ram Mandir (Sydney)
Period: 22nd April - 30th April.
Activities Undertaken: Live Sunderkand recitation daily at 108 Sunderkand Havan.
Powerpoint presentation on "Power of Mantras".

Marutituis 2015

Our Trustee Mr Shailesh Thakkar got an opportunity of presenting a paper on HEALING POWER OF SUNDERKAND in presence of 400 delegates and 45 speakers across the world-Period 20th August-31st August 2015.
Sponsor: Ramayan Centre (Marutituis)

This has been developed by a special Act of Mauritian Government in the year 2002 and currently handled by Shri Arunji who is a Ramkathakar , Upasak and a writer.
The centre is located in the heart of city near sea beach and is equipped with Wi Fi computer laboratory where any Hindu can come and learn Computer. A volunteer teacher teaches the computer. Similarly there is a library where religious books are available for reading and reference. A hall on can come and teach Indian classical music.

There were about 45 speakers from various countries India, Malaysia, South Africa, Britain, USA.
Other celebrities were:
Governor of Goa : Smt Mrinalini
Cultural Minister of India : Mahesh Sharma
MP from Bagphat : Mr. Satpal Singh
Cultural Minister of Mauritius
Pollution control minister of Mauritius
Indian High commissioner
The cultural programme was attended by The President of Mauritius & The Prime minister of Mauritius.
The Conference was inaugurated by a Cultural programme where a group from Delhi did RAMLILA. Artist across India did classical dances with RAMA theme. Speakers were given 5 titles to speak on any topic from the set of the topics. Our trustee Mr. Shailesh Thakkar spoke on HEALING POWER OF SUNDERKAND which was highly appreciated, applauded and acknowledged. He undertook similar lecture at MAHATMA GANDHI INSTITUTE. He also undertook SUNDERKAND DHYANAM at Ramayan Centre.