About Us


The organization has been established in the year 2005 at Baroda , situated at 110 kms from Gandhinagar (capital of Gujarat ) on Ahmedabad–Mumbai national highway. The city has a nick name as a "Cultural City" where religion is the way of life. The city houses many reputed temples. The members of the organization are from various class, creed and levels. It includes CAs, MBAs, IT professional, Engineers, Buisnessmen and commonest of the common people. They are the true devotees who does this act on honarary basis as service to the society at large.


Mr. Manasvi Thakkar : A B.Sc by education and a businessman by profession, Mr. Manasvi Thakkar is the Managing Trustee of the trust. He use to take out the evenings after completion of business hours for going in a group anybody who calls for reciting Sunderkand in Baroda. He would invest whatever he can for all the necessities required for conducting such Paath's. All credit for the popularity of Sunderkand in Baroda goes in his account. He took lot of pain and faced many hurdles during the initial days, but never gave up. All mental, spiritual, and even financial support of the initial days was made by him selflessly. He started by undertaking the bookings and now he handles the overseas booking and overall administration of the trust as well as bank liaison. A good follow up singer and contributor in designing the overall singing matter

Kalpesh Thakkar
Shailesh Thakkar

Mr. Shailesh Thakkar : An MBA by education and groomer by profession, is in fact the pioneer of the trust .Consider to be far sighted person in the team is an ardent follower of Shri Hanumanji. Often he terms himself to be a Hanuman doot rather than bhakt or upasak. Basically he is a researcher and has undertaken lot of researches on Hanumanji's stuti. "Scientific Sunderkand" and "Benefits through mantras "is his forte. Basically he is the ignition behind all progresses being made of the trust. The developmental plans, the organization, human relations are his competency. A groomer and motivator by nature have great contribution in the trust by forming a team and guiding them. He has worked with many corporate and was a Joint CEO with a government of Gujarat organization. Shree Dhavalkumar adorns him as a life skill and spiritual mentor. A good follow up singer, discourse giver, and at time rhythmic- a multi tasker. more..

Mr.Narendra Thakkar : A B.Com by education, Mr.Narendrabhai is a travel agent by profession and takes care of all travelling related issue of the trust. Handling the trust's office at Raopura is an ardent follower of Shri Hanumanji, and has played a role of actor behind curtain in the popularity of Sunderkand in Vadodara. He is an ideal event manager and is the link between the people and the trust matter. He has been an instrument in hosting many big events of SUNDERKAND recitation in Vadodara.

Narenrda Thakkar

The trustees and its group consist of those people who are wedded to the Trust and to the mission of Trust.
Mission Achieved: Spread of Mission through more Recieters.

A. Promoted and supported Mr. Ashwin Pathak (2003-2005)

B. Groomed, mentored, guided and promoted Mr. Dhavalkumar from his age of 16-28 years. (2005-2015)

C. Motivated other Sunderkand reciters by forming a pool and interaction (2013 and 2015)